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Welcome to a place where dreams come true, miracles exist and lives are saved every single day since 1979.


Our Story

Our story starts 43 years ago, in 1979. Cats Exclusive Inc, a no-kill rescue shelter, founded specifically to focus on the dire plight of thousands of abused, neglected, abandoned and homeless cats in Broward County Fl.


Almost half a century later, we continue to provide medical care (we have our own veterinary clinic that serves the public too), life necessities, homes and love to thousands of felines. Our story is not about the human heros that work so hard and sacrifice so much to help these beautiful, voiceless creatures. Our story is about the many shattered lives that too often begin with a cat in pain and distress and concludes with miraculous recovery, tears of joy and a new loving home where they get a second lease on life. 

While the stories of the thousands of cats rescued and homed at Cats Exclusive Inc. could fill a 100 volumes, a recent story bears telling .

Meet Maggie and Gracie

Maggie and Gracie came to us at a few days old. With no mother to provide them with life-sustaining milk, they required bottle feeding. Our foster mom, experienced at bottle feeding baby felines, took over and did her job brilliantly. Two weeks later, they came back to the shelter, where examined by our vet and found to be gravely ill. Tests revealed Parvo . The feline parvovirus is a severe, often fatal virus that causes diarrhea, vomiting, and fever and for this beautiful pair, with such immature immune systems, the diagnosis was extremely grave.

Showing a fighting spirit akin to their ancestor, the King of the Jungle, they showed they are survivors. How else could they have survived for this long? After many tears, the team (and of course Maggie and Gracie), banded together with an unwavering spirit to take on and beat Parvo. Could they do it? The odds stacked against them.   

Lead by our in-house vet, a team of medics and cat care specialists they put operation "Ingonyama" (The Zulu word for "The Lion" ) into full swing. The pendulum swung both ways and after many 24-hour shifts, an innovative medical regime and the fighting spirit of an African lion, Maggie and Gracie assisted by the dedicated warriors at Cats Exclusive Inc. beat Parvo. Prompting a member of the team to state that  " At Cats, Exclusive, by the grace of GOD miracles are back".

Our Mission

To help control the over-population and unnecessary euthanasia of cats in our community. We combine trend-setting spay-neuter initiatives, established within our in-house low-cost veterinary clinic. We do this by,

  • By educating the community, and encouraging responsible animal care and management.

  • Adoptions of our residents into loving, forever-homes where they can live long and healthy lives free of abuse, neglect and abandonment.

You're Part Of Our Team

Yes, that's right, you! Without you, and generous people like you, Cats Exclusive Inc. could not help a single cat. A non-profit organization, we are totally reliant on donations from kind-hearted animal lovers like you. When you donate, no matter the amount, you are the mechanism that empowers us to save the lives of thousands of cats in need. 

Get Involved

There is another way you can join the team. You can donate your time by volunteering. We'd love to welcome you, we need the help and our residents need the love and hugs. We hope to meet you soon. Click the button below to fill out the volunteer form.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the work we do to save lives. As a non-profit shelter, the only reason we get to save the lives of these voiceless felines is because of your generosity. Please open your heart and pockets to help us help them. ... The Cats Exclusive Inc. Team.

Cats Exclusive Inc, Form 990

Our Sponsors

Our Grant Sponsors


Support has been provided by the following Funds

at the Community Foundation of Broward:


  • Helen Victoria Foote Fund

  • Elizabeth Clark Wood Fund

  • Louise Wemyss Fund for Animal Welfare

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