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"We are all animals"

 Joaquin Phoenix

Open your heart & home. Please give a cat in need, love, care & a forever home

Hello, cat lover. Thanks for considering opening your heart and your home to a new family member. Please take a look below at all our residents up for adoption. We would encourage you to come and visit our kitties (Contact details & times). We have kittens, teenagers, adults, and seniors all looking to be adopted into a loving family.

let's get the adoption process started so that when you're ready to adopt, the 'paperwork' is done. Click here to fill in our confidential, online application. All applications are subject to terms and conditions, you can take a quick look now, so you know if you're eligible to adopt (you have to be at least 21, etc.) or read and accept them when completing the application form.

We want to make the adoption process as smooth as possible, so if you have any questions contact us or email, or better yet come and visit our kitties and staff would love to meet you.

Please bear in mind
 some cats listed, may not yet be ready to leave us right away as they may still be too young to be sterilized. 

list of adoptable cats
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