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  1. Call Cats Exclusive at  (954) 975-8349 and select extension 3. 

  2. Leave your full name, phone number and prescription/s you need filled (Please provide the name on the box or bottle).

  3. We will pull your file and confirm the medication/s and should everything be in order (number of refills prescribed, it's less than 12 months since your cat/s has seen the vet, etc.) 

  4. If all is in order, the nurse will refill the prescription/s.

  5. We will call you and inform you when you can collect or we may need to see your cat again before issuing the refill.

Please note: State law does not permit us to issue refills beyond a 12-month period, without seeing your cat/s, We cannot make any exceptions to this. If it's been over 11 months since your last visit to our clinic, please call us at  (954) 975-8349 to make an appointment. Thank you. We appreciate your understanding.

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